Pain Relief & Life Aids

There are some wonderful life aids that are inexpensive but can make such a difference in keeping you going.

DO NOT stop going places and doing things – it is so important for your mental health to keep engaging as much as possible.  I hesitated for over 2 years to look into some of these.  I kept telling myself I was fine and that I just had to cut back on what I was doing.  Once I tried a cane for days where we were going to be walking a fair amount I was shocked to find out how much it actually improved things for me!  I could go longer, have less pain, and I felt more like myself!!

Do not be afraid to utilize these tools… are NOT lazy, you are not looking for SPECIAL treatment.  You have a valid disability and that does not mean you should just stay home.  Yes, you may get looks from people.  Yes, some people may even make comments.  Because let’s face it, we look normal on the outside, and many of us are overweight due to DISH, so people may think we’re just fat and lazy.  At some point you have to work through this and move past it.  The few times when people have said something judgemental I have used those opportunities to be kind and educate them.  Boy, does that make them feel sheepish.  Not my intent, but hey….

So here are some things that worked for me and other DISHies:



  • Make sure you get one that is the correct height – this can greatly affect how well it works for you.
  • Check out Amazon or



  • There are so many difference scooters out there! I would recommend checking out: The Best Mobility Scooters for what to consider before buying a scooter.




  • Shower Chair – This type of chair is best as you can safely sit down and THEN lift your legs over the side of the tub
  • Step In Shower vs. Tub
  • Shower Grab Bar – so I have this one but I will caution you, the ones with suction cups do come loose over time. You will want to check it every time you get in the shower. I would say about every 4 months I find that mine is no longer secure and I just need to take it off (easy to do) and reapply it so the suction cups grab again. For a more secure grab bar purchase one that can be installed (screwed) into the shower or wall.
  • Long Handled Shower Brush
  • Non-slip Bath Mat
  • Razor Holder


Shoe Aids

  • Long Handled Shoe Horn
  • Shoe Helper -I LOVE these things! They are so helpful and inexpensive.
  • Sock Aid – great for putting on socks, tights, etc.
  • Buy slip on shoes vs tie shoes


  • Get dressed sitting down. I used to get dressed standing up, you know, putting your pants on, etc.  Well first of all, the balance thing can become an issue, plus a fall for us could be very serious.  PLUS it uses up so much more energy and we’ve gotta keep all we can to get through the day.  So SIT DOWN to get dressed.  It sounds so simplistic, but it really made a difference for me.  And for pete’s sake stop trying to put your underwear on while standing up……we weren’t good at that even before we had DISH. ????
  • Dressing Aid – I’m just starting to have trouble zipping things up and getting my arms into sleeves.  Very frustrating.  This helps!


  • Device assistant for getting out of car
  • Swivel Seat
  • Handicap Placard – your pcp or the doctor who cares for you regarding DISH can help you with this process
  • Backup Camera - even if your car does not have one, you can get after market ones to add – we did this and it works really well!
  • Drive most direct route so you don’t have to turn your head/neck a lot


  • Grabber
  • CLIC Reading Glasses - they click together with a powerful magnet – you can use them to pick up nails, silverware, etc.
  • Robot Vacuum
  • Bed Assist Bar 
  • Lamp Knob Turners – oh my word this litte simple item made my life so much easier, especially when I’m in bed and need to turn the light off.
  • Tube Squeezers
  • Anti-fatigue mats – but be careful about tripping over them!
  • Door grippers
  • Rocker knife – so much easier to cut things up – needs less pressure.
  • Jar & Bottle Opener – this is the BEST jar opener I’ve found. The other ones did not help me much, but this one works great every single time and saves a lot of struggles!


  • Neck Pillow (for at home, dentist, hairdresser, traveling, etc) – I could not be without this. And while there are cheaper ones, this one is truly the best….it offers so much support.
  • Knee Pillow – this changed my life… much less back pain now!!
  • Heated Mattress Pad - sooo awesome crawling in a warm bed in the winter.  This definitely helps with pain, and most of them have various options for pre-heating, different levels of heat, and even auto-shut off.


  • Hands – OMW, this brings so much relief to my hands especially during cold winter months. Plus it leaves my hands looking beautiful! ????
  • TENS Unit – having a TENS unit has made such a difference for me. It gives immediate relief and I can use it at home, work, or while out.  There are so many different kinds.  The one I have I bought on indiegogo so it’s not available on the market yet, but here’s one a fellow DISHie said they liked.
  • Heating Pad
  • Hot Tub
  • Cannabis
  • CBD Oil
  • Heating Pad
  • Ibuprofen


  • Eat slowly
  • Take small bites
  • Don’t talk while eating
  • While standing, bend your knees to get the last of that drink out of a can or glass


  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Water Therapy


  • Sit at the head of the table so you don’t have to turn your head
  • Playing card holders – I had stopped playing cards with friends and my hubby because I just couldn’t hold them anymore. My hands would cramp up, or I would drop the cards and it was frustrating and embarrassing.  These little things got me started playing again and I’m so happy about that!!
  • Book holders
  • Adaptive Writing Instruments
  • Blanket – because the cold makes my pain worse, I take a light blanket with me wherever I go. Just having that can make the difference in how long I can hang out with friends!  Get one that is shawl size for convenience.
  • Call places ahead and find out how well they can accommodate someone who is handicapped:
    • Do they have handicapped parking?
    • If it’s an event, do they have a golf cart that can pick you up at the car?
    • Do they offer valet parking?

If you’ve found something that worked really well for you and it’s not on this list, please email me at and I’ll add it to the list!